No Fees = More Food on YOUR Plate.

Our customers love using Tavolo! It saves them time and allows them to get a much better restaurant experience.  Not to mention, it's super easy for my servers and chefs to use! The best part is that it vastly increased our sales.

Gold Room Restaurant Owner - Downtown Minneapolis

Grow your business with Tavolo


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Manage your restaurant from the palm of your hands.

Less stress, & hassle, Focus on what you do best. 

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Accept Orders

You easily have the ability to turn on and off reservations giving you full control and understanding of when customers are arriving.

View Orders

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You can easily see what customers ordered and see the status of their order!


Both you and the customer receive order info and payment updates right from within the app. You also have the ability to make changes right away,


Receive Payments


Within minutes receive payments from customers without your waiter running back to get a check and running the customers card!